Leo’s was opened in 1948 by the Mancieri family. Established mainly as a pizzeria in the State Street section of Bristol, the restaurant quickly gained a local following and became a popular eatery. In the years after World War II, Leo’s served as a popular lunch destination for workers and families alike. The Mancieri family, headed by Pantaleone and Virginia, along with sons Mario and Reno, worked tirelessly to produce great fresh Italian favorites and create a clean, friendly environment for their customers. Leo’s remained open until 1976 when Panteleone passed away. The family decided to close the doors of the popular eatery but In the year 2000 Leo’s grandson, Paul Mancieri, relocated to 365 Hope Street in historic downtown Bristol, right on the parade route. Paul expanded not only the seating capacity but also its menu options, featuring authentic Italian and American cuisine, while focusing on high quality food and a friendly atmosphere.